Monday, September 7, 2015

In the Quiet

Sequoia trees are the grandest, largest life found on earth. Native growth is found only in a few places in the entire world. For this reason, conservationists fought for years to protect these gentle giants from the threat of fire. It was to their amazement when it was discovered that fire does not destroy these trees: It makes them stronger. The heat from fire opens up the cones from the Sequoia tree to release the seeds. From these tiny seedlings, smaller than a grain of rice, grow these impressive beasts. Yet, most impressive -the deepest beauty of these trees- is their ability to heal. As one walks through the Sequoia grove the scars are profound: Black marks that represent the heat and struggle that these trees have endured. Look a little closer and one will find the new growth slowly overcoming the scars: Beautiful healing taking place in the quiet.